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Veterans Walk Across The United States To Raise Awareness for Mental Health

On Thursday, September 6th six veterans finished their cross-country march for mental health awareness in New York City. This march began on June 2nd in Los Angeles, California.

“Walking 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers) from Los Angeles to New York City was easy, members of the group said, compared to the struggle of living with mental wounds related to military service.” – Military Times

Once in New York the veterans, who were both American and British, stopped at the 9/11 memorial to pay their respects. Then finished a few blocks away at a garden memorializing British victims of the attacks.

“They’re saving lives by this walk,” Joe Biden said. “Every city they went into, you can be certain as they walked there’s a wounded warrior looking who is suffering and thinking, ‘If they can do this and let the whole world see it, maybe I should come forward and say I need help.’”


Couple Who Raised $400K For A Homeless Veteran Accused of Stealing From The Donations

Police had a search warrant and raided the couple’s home in Florence, New Jersey. They left with full bags and boxes of stuff as well as a new BMW, which the couple says they bought with their own money.

According to Marine Corps Times, the couple is also being sued by Bobbitt, the homeless Marine Veteran who the donations were meant for. The donations were made through a GoFundMe page. In the suit, he says they used the account as a “personal piggy bank” to “fund a lifestyle they could not otherwise afford.”

“In court, Wednesday, the couple’s lawyer said Bobbitt has gotten about $200,000. But Bobbitt’s lawyer said he had received only about $75,000, which includes the value of a camper and a 1999 Ford Ranger.”

GoFundMe is working with the attorneys and with Bobbitt to make sure he gets all the money he is owed. No charges have been filed as of yet.


Senators File Bill That Could Allow VA Doctors to Prescribe Medical Marijuana to Veteran Patients

According to Military Times,  Marijuana remains a schedule 1 substance under current federal rules, defined as a drug with “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” That limits how much federal research can be conducted on cannabis and how much federal employees — like VA physicians — can say to veterans about its potential uses.

Senators Bill Nelson of Florida and Brian Schatz of Hawaii are sponsoring the bill that would allow veterans to “use, possess, or transport medical marijuana” according to state law.

This bill would also allow VA doctors and physicians to speak with their veteran patients about medical marijuana as an alternative to more dangerous pharmaceuticals and opioids and also recommend or even prescribe marijuana use to their patients.


Wildfire in California Spreads in Size Forcing the Evacuation and Closing of Military Base

A forest fire raging along the eastern side of California has grown to more than 7 square miles. This rapid growth forced the shut down of a major highway as well as the evacuation of a military base.

The Marine Corps Warfare training center, campgrounds nearby and other areas surrounding the fire were evacuated Wednesday.-Marine Corps Times


New Military Flight Terminal Named After Fallen Soldier

A military flight terminal in Kabul, Afghanistan, has been named in honor of an Army National Guard soldier from Oklahoma who was killed in action.

The “Hughie Terminal” at New Kabul Compound was dedicated Friday and is named for Sgt. Buddy James Hughie of Poteau.

“Members of the Oklahoma Army National Guard’s 1st Squadron, 180th Cavalry Regiment, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, attended the dedication ceremony and unveiling of a plaque at the flight terminal.” – Army Times



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