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A Six-Month Extension on President Trump’s Border Policies in California

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, extended the state’s National Guard’s participation in border deployment policies, outlined by President trump, by six more months.

Though participation was expected to end on Sunday, and Governor Brown openly argued with the President on the state’s involvement, they will now run until March of 2019. Brown insisted back in April that the state had no business in immigration enforcement or the construction of any barriers or walls at the border sites, something that will now continue because of the six-month extension.

Governor Jerry Brown says he cast his vote this way to include more federal support in fighting multinational criminal gangs as well as, drug and firearms smugglers. The state of California has about 400 troops posted at the border according to Army Times.


Victory Over “Terrorism” In Syria, America Must Leave

According to Military Times, the foreign minister of Syria has declared that a victory over “terrorism” is near. After a more than seven-year-long civil war, the country is ready and has demanded that “occupation” forces from the United States, France, and Turkey leave the country of Syria immediately.

Walid al-Muallem, the foreign minister of Syria, told the General Assembly’s high-level meeting that the situation on the ground “is more stable and secure thanks to combating terrorism” and “all conditions are now present for the voluntary return of refugees.”

“To the disappointment of some, here we are today more than seven years into this dirty war against my country, announcing to the world that the situation on the ground has become more secure and stable and that our battle against terrorism is almost over,” al-Moallem said. “It is high time for all those detached from reality to wake up, let go of their fantasies, and come to their senses, see matters realistically,” he said. “They must realize they will not achieve politically what they failed to achieve by force… We, therefore, consider any forces operating on Syrian territory without an explicit request from the Syrian government, including U.S., French and Turkish forces, occupying forces and will be dealt with accordingly,” he said. “They must withdraw immediately and without any conditions.”


Microsoft Program and IT Careers for Military Spouses

Careers in technology offer average starting salaries of about $70,000 per year and because of a new pilot program at Microsoft are available to military spouses for free.

19 spouses are currently enrolled in a 22-week training program in server and cloud administration at Microsoft. Those who complete the program successfully are guaranteed an interview either at Microsoft or one of the companies over 360 hiring partners.

Military spouses, though incredibly talented and engaged, are often unemployed or underemployed because of the need to move every few years. Microsoft hopes that by giving spouses the tools, they need to succeed in a career in technology they can help change this. Because of the mobility that is allowed with the technology industry, those entering the field will not have to worry about finding a new job every time they move and can keep their more mobile careers. – Military Times


Navy Veteran Arrested in Connection to Suspected Ricin Packages

On Wednesday, a Navy Veteran from Utah was arrested in connection to different packages that were mailed to the Pentagon and Navy leadership. These packages were suspected to contain ricin according to Military Times.

William Clyde Allen III (39was arrested on Wednesday; He is a former sailor who spent four years enlisted in the Navy about twenty years ago.

The packages, or specifically envelopes full of castor seeds (which for the base for the deadly toxin ricin), were addressed to Defense Secretary James Mattis and to the Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson. The parcels were discovered at a mail processing center on Pentagon grounds but not inside the building itself. A third package was mailed to the White House and addressed to President Donald Trump, but the Secret Service caught this.


Five Veteran Charities Recognized for Their Work

This year marks the 19th anniversary of the Newman’s Own Awards. This award ceremony sponsored by Newman’s Own, the Fisher House Foundation, and Military Times; help by donating money to new organizations to fund innovative programs with the hopes of improving the quality of life amongst veterans.

Five different organizations were awarded a total of $200,000 on Friday in a ceremony that was held at the Pentagons.

The highest honor, an awarded grant of $50,000, went to a brand new organization this year, the warrior Reunion Foundation of Cockeysville, Maryland. While accepting the award, founder of this organization Marine Corps Veteran James Ferguson said, “The prevailing narrative about my veteran generation is wrong. We are not broken, we don’t need to be fixed, we don’t need over-engineered solutions. We just need each other.”

The other organizations receiving awards of $37,500 were:

Code Platoon, Chicago, Illinois.

West Virginia Health Right, Inc., Charleston, West Virginia.

Healing Warriors Program, Boulder, Colorado.

Vets on Track Foundation, Inc., Garrisonville, Virginia.

Military Times

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