Veterans Weekly Report Sep 15-21st

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The Military Responds to Hurricane Florence

As conditions worsen in the Carolinas and flooding increases, the military has responded swiftly and efficiently in helping save and help those affected by the storm from people to abandoned pets.

According to the U.S. Army website:

  • There are more than 13,000 soldiers providing support
  • More than 3,000 soldiers have been displaced because of the storm
  • Over 90 rotary wing aircraft are committed to the support effort with an extra 200 available at a day notice.
  • There are about 4,500 cots for citizens that may need them.
  • The army has about 200 medical beds for use and 18 water purification systems set into place in the area.


Record Low Refugee Cap

The count of refugees allowed into the United States last year hit a record low of 45,000 people. This year it seems that the Trump administration has set an even lower cap on the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. At 30,000 refugees to be allowed into the country in 2019, there is a 33% drop from the cap set for 2018. But even that limit of 45,000 refugees in 2018 was nowhere near the 110,000 caps that was set by President Obama for 2017.

Refugee organizations have been fighting for higher caps and have rapidly responded to the news. “The United States is not only abdicating humanitarian leadership and responsibility-sharing in response to the worst global displacement and refugee crisis since World War II but compromising critical strategic interests and reneging on commitments to allies and vulnerable populations,” the International Rescue Committee said.


Fort Trump in Poland?

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump and the Polish President Andrzej Duda have announced that they are looking into the possibility of building a permanent U.S. military base in Poland. This base would be named “Fort Trump”.

At a news conference with both Trump and Duda, Trump stated that building Fort Trump “is absolutely justified” as a response to Russia, whose military has been very active on the NATO borders as of late.

According to Trump, the base would be funded for by the Polish government, who are looking for an increased US military presence in response to, and as protection from, Russian forces. —


Marines Rush into Burning Housing Complex, Saving Seniors

When a giant fire broke out in a housing complex for seniors on Wednesday afternoon, marines were amongst the first on the scene.

In Washington D.C. all of the residents of the building were accounted for and/or pulled out alive by marines from the neighboring barracks. Videos online show the marines running from the Barracks Washington at 8th and me, and entering the burning building to help and save senior citizens, even as the complex’s roof collapsed.

Marine Corps Times


New Cyber Security Strategy

According to a statement released by Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen; “The Trump administration has taken bold steps to strengthen our security and prosperity in cyberspace in the face of growing threats and competition.  The critical infrastructure that Americans rely on is threatened every day by nation-states, cybercriminals and hackers seeking to wreak havoc, disrupt commerce, and even undermine our democratic institutions. Today’s National Cyber Strategy – the first in fifteen years – strengthens the government’s commitment to work in partnership with industry to combat those threats and secure our critical infrastructure.” You can read the full statement on the Department of Homeland Security’s website.