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US Deficit Rises to $779 Billion, Military Could Be Seeing Cuts in the Future

This year, 2018, our country’s deficit reached $779 billion making it the highest in the last six years. The current administration’s tax cuts have led to the government looking for more fiscal aid from other countries. This is 17percent more than our deficit of $113 billion, last year.

According to Defense News, the heightened level of government debt is expected to cause future defense budgets to be much smaller than anticipated. Just this month, on October 16th, the president called for a five percent cut on government spending across every federal department.


First Female to Complete Second Round of Marine Raider Selections

As of yet no female has completed the elite Marine Raider assessment, Sgt. Bailey Weis, however, has become the first female in the Marines to successfully finish the second stage of Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command’s Assessment and Selection course.

Only five women have attempted the assessment and only Sgt. Weis has made it this far, though she was not selected to move on to the next phase. According to Marine Corps Times, because of she did not pass to the next stage she is deciding to leave the Corps. Sgt. Weis plans on obtaining a master’s degree in international relations in aims to earn a commission in the North Carolina National Guard.


Chemicals Once Used on Military Base, Now Found in New Mexico Groundwater

A U.S. Air Force base in New Mexico once used firefighting foam on base. Now chemicals associated with this substance have been found in groundwater both on and off base. State officials are conducting more tests to figure out just how much of the groundwater has been contaminated by the toxic chemicals

The Air Force is arranging for bottled water to be available for drinking and cooking for all of the residents that rely on wells in the area that also exceed the health advisory level set by the U.S. Protection Agency. Different wells off base have different levels of contamination. Some are less than half the federal advisory level, while others have contaminants that are more than 20 times the federal advisory level. On base, the levels are much higher, with some wells measuring more than 370 times the advisory level, according to Air Force Times.


 800 Active Duty Troops to Meet the Caravan at the Mexican Border

The caravan of Central American people heading towards the Mexican border to cross onto American territory has prompted the Trump administration to send more than 800 armed troops to patrol the border.

According to Military Times, Defense Secretary will not be sending National Guard forces. Instead, the new troops are in addition to the 2,100 National Guardsmen already stationed at the U.S.- Mexico border. The troops have every right to defend themselves if the need arises, but will not be directly involved in stopping illegal immigration.


Military’s Excessive Energy Drink Consumption Could Worsen PTSD

Active duty military personnel don’t get as much sleep as they should due to constantly straying from the body’s natural circadian rhythms. Often service members look to energy drinks to battle sleep deprivation and help stay awake.

Energy drink consumption is everywhere in the military and the cost is reletively cheap. About half of all deployed troops drink at least one energy drink a day. But while they may be a quick way to stay awake, a new study finds that they can be extremely detrimental to long-term physical and mental health.

Energy drink use is associated with mental health problems, anger-related behavior, and fatigue. Now, according to Military Times the Army’s Infantry consumes energy drinks at a rate five times higher than the general American population’s youth.

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