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In addition to the usual websites used as references, when a veteran, military spouse or family member seek out resources the options can be overwhelming. Questions like “How Do I Register to Vote as a Military Spouse?” or “How Can I Sharpen my Self Defense Skills?” are hard to find answers to quickly. Thankfully, there are a number of blogs and online resources to help each one of us start finding answers. Here we list just a few of the blogs we have found helpful, hopefully you will too. 

Blogs for Military Spouses

  • Military Spouse is an online magazine that covers extensive topics from deployment and parenting to jobs for military spouses and marriage advice.
  • The Military Wife and Mom focuses on both the military spouse and mom. It focuses on topics like how to build a schedule as a parent and how you can be a supportive spouse in the simplest way possible.  
  • SpouseBuzz is a section on that offers articles on all things spouse related. From employment help to scholarships offered only to military spouses, this category keeps you up to date with the latest news.

Blogs for Women Veterans

  • The Women’s Veterans Alliance is an organization that focuses on creating a community where career opportunities are abundant for every woman that has served this country. They offer Chapters in different areas of the U.S. to further build these connections.
  • The National Veteran Foundation has a section dedicated to women veterans needs, providing resources relating to homelessness, suicide prevention, employment opportunities, and much more.
  • While Women Veterans Rock foundation updates bimonthly, they have an extensive network to start getting involved in local campaigns, the 2020 delegation, as well as demonstrations and marches near your area.

Blogs for Disabled Veterans

  • The Disabled Veterans National Foundation updates about once a month and feature articles dedicated to health and wellness for veterans.
  • Rep for Vets focuses on getting VA benefits for vets and their eligible dependents. They employ claim agents accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to answers questions like denied visibility claims, how and which benefits to apply for, and more. 
  • The Veterans Disability Blog brings you the latest news for disabled veterans. They also offer resources offering aid with PTSD, social security, and other health issues.

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